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Case Studies

Fire salvage project for Wessex Demolition

We had an urgent phone call from a well known and large social housing provider, they asked if we could immediately help them in Basingstoke where a development of 12 properties had sadly been part of a devestating fire.

We turned up as soon as we could and only 5 days later started the job. Our remit was to go to the site daily and take down initial inventory all of owners belonging, wrap and pack them all and relocate them to another location a few miles away.

We finished 2 properties a week earlier than expected with appreciation from all involved including the residents. We managed to save 75% of contents in the properties which was unexpected. Everything was done to our usual standards and in time for the demolition to commence.

Moving the Saudi Arabian Embassy, London

It is with great pride that we announce the successful relocation of the Saudi Arabian Embassy to the illustrious enclave of Notting Hill. This monumental achievement stands as a testament to our team's prowess in handling intricate challenges of substantial magnitude. The intricacy of the task was notably heightened by the paramount importance of security considerations, a challenge that we embraced with unwavering dedication. Our seamless execution of this large-scale endeavor underscores our ability to navigate complex projects while prioritizing security, cementing our reputation as industry leaders.

Moving the Belgravia Suites, London

We take immense pride in highlighting the remarkable accomplishment of our team in relocating the Belgrave Suite at Belgrave Square SW1. Despite encountering various obstacles such as parking constraints, our diligent efforts prevailed as we surmounted these challenges to ensure the timely and successful completion of the move. The meticulous planning and dedicated execution showcased our commitment to excellence, underscoring our ability to navigate and conquer difficulties while upholding our promise of punctuality and efficiency. This achievement stands as a testament to our unwavering determination and adeptness in delivering exceptional results, even in the face of adversity.

More projects and photos to follow.

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